Contribution to SDGs

​SDGs(Sustainable Developent Goals)とは

2015年9月の国連サミットで採択された、「持続可能な開発のための2030年アジェンダ」に盛り込まれた17の目標。「だれひとり取り残さない」(No one will be left behind)を理念に、貧困や飢餓の根絶、質の高い教育の実現、女性の社会進出の促進、再生可能エネルギーの利用、経済成長と生産的で働きがいのある雇用の確保、強靭(きょうじん)なインフラ構築と持続可能な産業化・技術革新の促進、不平等の是正、気候変動への対策、海洋資源の保全、陸域生態系、森林資源の保全など17の目標と、各目標を実現するための169のターゲット(達成基準)から構成されている。現在先進国・発展途上国を問わず、SDGs達成に向けた取り組みが始まっています。

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals web site

To provide healthy and high-quality food for our consumers ,we have been making every effort to carry out eco-friendly farming.
 Now we understand that our environmentally friendly attitude toward our farm products helps people to live a safe and comfortable life.
Therefore we contribute to the SDGs.

Our commitment to SDGs

1We are growing strawberries of good quality to satisfy our consumers.
Our farming method is based on the food safety regulations.
2We keep our farm eco-friendly for the Earth, and safe for our visitors and employees.
3Our greenhouses are all barrier-free. Visitors on strollers or wheelchairs can enjoy picking strawberries. For those in need, we have one wheelchair for free-rent.
4To reduce food loss, we are making full use of our strawberries.
Some of them are made into farm products such as jam jelly and sherbet.
Those products are packaged as simply as possible.
5To reduce waste from the farm, plant-derived wastes,leaves and runners,are
made into compost.
6We try to reduce the amount of energy we use by setting the goals to achieve, and by checking regularly how much we have done for those goals.
7In our farm property, we have several wells, which provide secure drinkable water. To grow strawberries and maintain our facilities, we make full use of this water. In case of natural disasters, our neighbors can use our well water.
8In the community, we support some elementary schools in food education. This approach allows the school children to know what the eco-friendly, safe and secure agriculture is like.
9In order to cope with COVID-19, we set up thermography cameras and spray hand sanitizers in each of our greenhouses. At the entrance, visitors are to put some sanitizer on their hands and on their cell phones every time they go in or out of the house.
10Scissors for picking strawberries are sterilized right after visitors finish using them.
11At the end of the day, we sterilize all the tools used and prepare for the following day.